Painless Delivery

Painless Delivery Hospital in Patna

Since labour pain is very painful for women, many of them occasionally talk to their gynaecologist about a painless child delivery. Particularly if this is the first pregnancy it can be extremely painful. Thanks to medical advancements and developments women now have access to pain management techniques that can lessen the intensity of their labour pain and increase the comfort of giving birth.

Aaranyam Women’s Hospital and Laparoscopy Centre in Patna, Bihar is the best fertility clinic in Patna that has the best gynaecologist in Bihar providing women the best facilities to get rid of the painful deliveries. The hospital has the facilities of best and advanced treatment for various women’s problems. The hospital is considered as the best pregnancy care provider.

How is Painless Delivery done?

A type of localised anaesthesia that relieves pain during natural labour can lead to a painless birth. The mother receives an injection in her lower back to induce epidural anaesthesia. The medication takes ten to fifteen minutes to start showing its effect. If a woman would otherwise choose a C-section, but has a lower pain threshold, this is an excellent alternative.

Painless Delivery at top Women's hospital and Laparoscopy Center in Patna

How Aaranyam Women’s Hospital helps in Painless Delivery?

  • Aaranyam Women’s Hospital in Patna, Bihar has the best fertility specialists in Bihar.
  • The hospital has the option of best and advanced treatment.
  • The presence of a highly qualified and experienced team makes the whole procedure of fertility very easy and convenient.
  • The hospital has top class medical equipment.

Why do women opt for painless delivery?

Painless delivery is a treatment option available to all labouring women who need pain relief. This is not intended for people taking blood thinners or experiencing abnormal blood test results. You donot need to get an epidural in order to give birth normally. The use of an epidural to lessen labour discomfort has many advantages.

For certain patients, the recommendation of painless delivery results in optimal outcomes. For example:

  1. In the event that the woman’s labor is difficult or protracted. The woman and the unborn child will both profit in such a situation. There shouldn’t be any problems during a typical, stress-free, and uncomplicated birth.
  2. If you’re attempting a vaginal birth.
  3. If a woman is experiencing any medical complication such as hypertension, heart conditions, preeclampsia.

We Give Supportive Care During Labor:

  • Encouraging mothers to move around and stay active during labor can be really helpful. Changing positions, walking, or using tools like birthing balls can make them feel more comfortable and help the baby move down the birth canal. It’s like giving them the freedom to find the position that works best for them and makes labor feel easier. So, instead of staying still in one place, we encourage moms to keep moving and find what feels right for them.
  • AHL Hospital offers a range of comfort measures, including warm blankets, aromatherapy, and music therapy, to enhance relaxation and promote a calming environment during labor.
  • We provide emotional support and encouragement to mothers throughout labor, helping to alleviate anxiety and promote a sense of confidence and empowerment.
Painless Delivery clinic in Patna

How We Do Post-Delivery Care and Follow-Up?

Having the best gyno doctor in Patna we make sure we make sure to care for every woman from the start.

1. Monitoring for Complications:

Following delivery, mothers, and newborns are closely monitored for any complications related to pain relief methods used during labor. This includes assessing for potential side effects or adverse reactions to medications.

2. Assessment of Maternal and Newborn Well-Being:

Healthcare providers conduct thorough assessments of both mother and baby in the immediate postpartum period, ensuring that any issues are promptly addressed and managed.

3. Postnatal Education and Support:

Mothers receive education and support on pain management, breastfeeding, and postpartum recovery to facilitate a smooth transition into motherhood and promote optimal maternal and newborn health.

Quality Assurance and Improvement :

1. Regular Review of Protocols:

AHL conducts routine reviews of its painless delivery protocols and practices to ensure adherence to best practices in pain management during labor, optimizing the experience for mothers seeking natural, painless childbirth.

2. Analysis of Patient Feedback:

Patient feedback and satisfaction surveys, particularly regarding pregnancy management and painless labor, are carefully analyzed to enhance the effectiveness of pain relief interventions and improve the overall birthing experience.

3. Implementation of Quality Improvement Initiatives:

AHL Hospital implements targeted quality improvement initiatives based on feedback, aiming to enhance the pain management experience for mothers seeking normal delivery without pain, ensuring a smoother and more satisfying childbirth journey.


At Aaranyam, painless delivery refers to minimizing discomfort during childbirth through various techniques. Our expert team focuses on pregnancy management and offers natural painless birth options like epidurals and relaxation methods.

Aaranyam prioritizes personalized pregnancy management plans tailored to each mother's needs. Our focus on natural painless childbirth techniques empowers women to have a normal delivery without pain, ensuring a positive birthing experience.

Absolutely! Our dedicated team specializes in painless labour delivery methods such as epidurals and other non-pharmacological approaches. We strive to provide a comfortable and stress-free birthing experience for every mother.

By opting for a painless natural birth at Aaranyam, you can experience childbirth with minimal discomfort. Our holistic approach to pain management ensures that you feel supported and empowered throughout the birthing process.

Yes, definitely! Aaranyam offers comprehensive pain management options to facilitate normal delivery without pain. Our expert team is committed to providing a safe and comfortable birthing experience for mothers.

Aaranyam combines advanced medical techniques with compassionate care to ensure a smooth and painless childbirth journey for every mother. Our emphasis on painless labour delivery and natural birth options promotes maternal well-being and satisfaction.

Aaranyam offers a range of pain management options, including epidurals, relaxation techniques, and supportive care during labour. Our goal is to provide mothers with the tools and support they need for a painless and empowering natural birth experience.